NAESP WEBINAR: Brain-Based Strategies for Today’s Schools

Description: Learn why incorporating brain-based strategies into elementary classrooms is so urgently important.  The speakers will share four principles on how a child’s brain functions and learns, and provide concrete and practical strategies for principals and teachers to use in their classrooms.  They will also share their experiences with schools that have incorporated these principles and the difference it has made to teaching and learning for students.


Roger Stark is the founder and CEO of Learning Enhancement Corporation, the creator of BrainWare Safari cognitive skills development software. For the past 20 years, he has worked with extraordinary passion and commitment to realize his vision of combining neuroscience research with the best practices of video-game technology. That vision, thanks to his abundant and tireless energy, is improving the lives of students and teachers in schools; children, parents and grandparents at home; clients and patients in the offices of therapists; and employees in the workplace, across the United States and around the world.

Betsy Hill is an experienced educator and business leader who serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of Learning Enhancement Corporation, the developer of BrainWare Safari cognitive skills development software. She brings a variety of experiences to her work today, beginning with her experience as a teacher of foreign languages and study of how the brain acquires and uses language. She has studied the application of neuroscience to education with Dr. Patricia Wolfe.