Sample Letter to Inform
Parents of Middle Level Education Month

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Dear Parent or Guardian,

We invite you to join the students and staff of (School Name) during the month of March to help us celebrate National Middle Level Education Month. This annual recognition of middle level education provides us with a special opportunity to focus the attention of our community and the nation on this very important time in the education of your children.

This month is set aside to remind us why it is so important to provide students in the middle grades with the support needed for them to succeed both academically and personally.  The skills, habits and values established during this time of early adolescence will have a critical, life-long influence that can directly impact your child’s chances for a successful and healthy future.

Our hope is for our students to be both academically and personally successful, but for this to happen will require a supportive environment both at home and at school. And while sometimes it seems that middle grades children want us to disappear during this age, they really do need family and parents to be involved. Asking questions about what your child is learning in school and attending school functions help demonstrate your interest and concern for their success.

Throughout the month of March, we will be hosting a variety of activities that promote student success throughout our school. We encourage you to get involved and help us celebrate student success by supporting our efforts at home. This can be done by setting aside some time each day for reading, writing or talking about what is happening in each class. Whatever you do, remember to celebrate your children's efforts and successes.

We know that middle school is often the time when friends and activities begin to dominate your child's schedule; however, taking time to discuss his or her current work in school and future plans is a very good way to support their success in school.  Please join us in celebrating National Middle Level Education Month by helping us provide your child with the support needed to prepare him or her to be a lifelong learner, ready for college, career, citizenship and a bright future.




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