Program Overview

The National Principal Mentor Certification Program (NPMCP) is a cutting edge training designed to create a cadre of mentors whose expertise is channeled to support school supervisors. The training program integrates research-based mentoring best practices with participants’ experiential knowledge. The program has two major tracks of engagement, a two-day Leadership Immersion Institute (LII) and a nine-month certification internship, Mentor-in-Training (MIT).

The comprehensive approach of the dual track offers participants the theory and methodology of mentoring and the application of learning and experience under the caring and watchful eye of trained coaches. Throughout the nine-month internship, the MITs interact electronically or in person with their coaches and team members. This online learning experience includes a strong technical assistance component to assist participants in meeting program expectations. Upon successful completion of program requirements, the MITs are awarded National Principal Mentor Certification.

The NPMCP offers a “win-win" opportunity for school systems across the nation. School supervisors working with a certified mentor are assured to receive high caliber support from expert mentors and coaches. Nationally, school superintendents have an opportunity to seek these qualified mentors as resources in their efforts to provide quality professional support to their staff and to provide a forum for a sustainable succession plan. Ultimately, the MITs, once certified, have an opportunity to nurture the next generation of school leaders as they create the conditions for every student to meet the academic standards requirements. It is the belief of the NPMCP that the match of certified mentors with new/newly assigned principals can promote effective school leadership, positively impact student achievement, and foster academic success.

The Leadership Immersion Institute (LII) is the two-day seminar that serves as the opening event of the NPMCP. The workshop components of the LII focus on using NAESP’s Leading Learning Communities: *Standards for What Principals Should Know and Be Able To Do, Second Edition. (*Will be referred to as LLC Standards for the purpose of clarification.)

The LII is comprised of the following six modules:

  • Mentoring New School Leaders: A Journey of Discovery
  • Leading in A Culture of Change: Leadership Standards at Work
  • Discovering Your Strengths
  • The Art and Science of Adult Learning
  • The Art of Effective Feedback
  • Foundations of Effective Mentor Programs