Principals' and Other Educators' Groups Oppose Spending Cuts in the FY 2018 Budget

NAESP joins other educators' and school leaders' groups opposing the Trump administration's proposed appropriations cuts.

School Leadership Groups Disappointed by Negotiated Budget Deal

States and districts will receive fewer funds for educator support and professional development.

NAESP Welcomes New Vice President, Board Members

David N. Wick will serve as Vice President of NAESP’s Board of Directors; Victoria A. Reed, Angelina Martino Finnegan, and Kasandra Nelson will also join as new board members.

2017 NAESP Election Results

The votes have been tallied! Congratulations to this year's winners.

Student Council Award Winners Announced

To see a list of the 2017 American Student Council Excellence Award winners, click here.

Dr. L. Earl Franks to Serve as Executive Director of National Principals Association

The Alabama executive will lead NAESP, the nation’s largest association of elementary and middle-level principals.

NAESP Leads Coalition Effort on Title II Funding to Support Principals

The initiative has gained broad support from other national, state, and local education organizations concerned about the proposal.

Watch the 2017 V.P. Candidate Speeches

Candidates for the 2017 Vice Presidential Election gave speeches and answered questions at the National Leaders Conference on March 26, 2017. Watch their speeches online.

NAESP 2017-2018 Platform Approved

The NAESP Board of Directors approved the proposed resolutions of the Resolutions Committee.

Nation’s Principals to Advocate on Capitol Hill for Equity and Funding

School leaders from across the nation will attend NAESP’s National Leaders Conference to discuss the most pressing education issues.