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 Gail Connelly is NAESP's sixth executive director;
 she has served in this role since 2006.
Message from the Executive Director
Principals of elementary and middle schools have unlimited occasions to touch the future, for it walks through the doors of our schools every day. And because we work with young students who are just beginning the journey of formal schooling, we must be certain to provide them with specialized pedagogy, tools, and resources befitting their various developmental stages. So too must principals acquire specialized training and resources, reflective of and appropriate for supporting the talents, growth, and needs of the young children in our care. Just as we know that students often learn best from other students, principals learn best from other principals. This simple insight is what the National Association of Elementary School Principals is all about: principals helping principals so that together we can better support our students.

NAESP is the nation's only professional organization committed solely to providing elementary and middle school principals with the information, tools, and resources necessary to become more effective school leaders. We are increasingly technology-oriented and business-focused; however, we remain a principal-led, member-driven organization that is dedicated to supporting, promoting, and honoring effective school leadership. We hope you will join 23,000 elementary and middle-level principals who are members of NAESP as we work together to make a real difference for all children.

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Gail Connelly periodically conducts interviews with educators and legislators on NAESP Radio.

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