How to Lead the Common Core to Routine Practice in EVERY Classroom

Judy Carr is a senior consultant and leadership development coach with the Center for Curriculum Renewal.  She works with schools and districts, as well as with state agencies to build systems to support high student performance through standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment design and implementation with a focus on the Common Core State Standards.  In this 2-day workshop, you will engage in self-assessment and goal setting; exploration of tools and examples; dialogue about your own problems of practice encountered in implementing the CCSS; and planning next steps for successful, strategic implementation of the CCSS in your own school.

The Principal as Coach and Evaluator: Developing New Understandings about Performance Appraisals

Michael Chirichello is a respected national and international consultant for school districts and professional organizations. He has authored many articles and book chapters. He is the co-author of Learning to Lead: Ten Stories for Principals and co-editor of Exemplary Leadership Development, a handbook for NJ educational leadership interns.  At this session, participants will recognize how to bridge the disconnect between beliefs and behaviors in the performance appraisal process.  They will understand how a differentiated and developmental model of supervision will result in a school culture that values teachers’ professionalism.

Preventing Bullying: Specific Strategies and Systematic Approaches

Catherine Bradshaw is a Professor and the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development at the Curry School of Education and the University of Virginia.  She also served as Associate Professor and the Associate Chair of the Department of Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  This session will provide an overview of recent research on bullying prevention approaches.  Participants will learn about specific strategies they can use to intervene in bullying situations and to communicate with parents and students about bullying.  The session will also provide a broader perspective on systems change and positive behavior support to promote positive behavior support to promote positive school climate and prevent bullying.

Rigorous Schools and Classrooms: Leading the Way

Barbara Blackburn has dedicated her life to raising the level of rigor and motivation for professional educators and students alike.  Her easily executable concrete examples based on decades of experience as a teacher, professor, and consultant, will help you answer the following questions.  What is rigor?  How does instructional rigor relate to the Common Core Standards?  What does rigor truly look like in the classroom?  How can a leader support teachers to increase rigor?  In this interactive session, you’ll answer those questions, as well as discuss leadership strategies that help you make school wide change using the COMPASS model.  C - Culture of your School; O – Ownership and Shared Vision; M – Managing Data; P – Professional Development; A – Advocacy; S – Shared Accountability; S – Structures to Support Success.

Going Digital: Boot Camp for High-Performance Instructional Leaders

Justin Baeder is the director of The Principal Center, he helps school administrators become high-performance instructional leaders.  Driven by the belief that more productive leaders have a greater impact on student learning, he will share the biggest opportunities for improving your productivity as a school leader.  His workshop will provide in-depth training to help you become more productive in specific areas of your work, including:

-Documentation and teacher observations
-Task and project management
-Cloud-based and mobile productivity, document management, and collaboration.

Leading Differentiated Instruction in Your School

Carol Tomlinson’s career as an educator includes 21 years as a public school teacher, with 12 years as a program administrator of special services for struggling and advanced learners.  She is currently a faculty member at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.  This pre-conference workshop will strengthen your capacity to respond to the daily challenges you face as coach and evaluator.  Consider joining your colleagues in this opportunity for your professional growth.  You will leave knowing that leading schools is a daunting but achievable challenge!  This session will guide principals in understanding what differentiation is and isn’t, what to look for in classroom observations to gain a sense of whether effective differentiation is in place, how to give feedback to teachers in ways that support their growth in becoming more responsive teachers, and how to support school-wide differentiation.