PD Spotlight

February 2013, Volume 36, Issue 6

You don’t need to leave your building to enhance your staff’s professional development—NASEP provides high-quality webinars and online learning for you and your staff.

Your NAESP membership provides you with free access to videos from PD 360, an on-demand professional development platform for educators. This month’s featured videos focus on Rigor in the Classroom, and in March, PD 360 will feature video segments that provide strategies for nurturing a positive school culture. Here’s what you have to look forward to in March:

  • How to Increase Minority Student Achievement—Elementary Edition
    Your teachers will learn that a school culture of success is vibrant only when educators are continuously focused on the needs of students. In this video, 5th grade teachers explain how they share a clear focus on students as they teach science, math, and language arts. This segment also explores the importance of students’ cultural and racial differences, and how these can affect learning styles.
  • Culturally Relevant Instruction: Equity and Innovation
    Teachers from Apollo Middle School explain that instruction not only needs to be rigorous, but relevant to students’ cultures. The video segment highlights strategies such as engaging with families and the community and selecting literature that comes from students’ cultures and heritages.
  • Accepting Differences: Working With Students from a Culture of Poverty
    This video will help educators learn to accept the differences in behaviors between students of different backgrounds. Understanding these differences will help teachers adjust their expectations so they can better serve their students. Specific examples on how to help struggling students are provided.

Learn from the Experts
NAESP also provides professional development content through webinars and conferences. The feature webinar for March—What Principals Need to Need to Know About the Basics of Creating Brain-Compatible Classrooms—will provide takeaways for using knowledge about the brain to support learning. David A. Sousa, author the NAESP/Solution Tree book by the same title, will  host the webinar on Tuesday, March 26, 4–5 p.m. (ET), guiding you and your staff through a quick tour of how the brain works and how to apply the basics of educational neuroscience to build productive and successful brain-compatible classrooms. Register at today at www.naesp.org/career/webinars.

If you prefer an in-person experience, you can register for Sousa’s two-hour workshop at this year’s NAESP National Conference in Baltimore.


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