NAESP Foundation has partnered with United Way to bring you a great literacy focused fundraiser for your school!


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The research is consistent and clear: Despite reading’s critical importance, over 60% of all 3rd graders in the U.S. are not reading proficiently.

This program is a chance to instill a love of reading in children while still having fun!



The United Way Club Connect Adopt-a-School Program is a partnership between the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and United Way to provide resources to improve early grade reading levels to the schools most in need.

This is the only educational program funded, supported, and marketed on a nationwide basis, and available in all communities in the country, by both United Way and the NAESP. 


The Problem: Third Grade Reading Levels

Up until third grade, children learn to read. After third grade, children read to learn. If by third grade children are not reading at grade level, they are likely to fall behind in school which can lead to discouragement and result in middle school absenteeism, which has a high corollary to the high school dropout rate. 
The percentage of third graders not reading at grade level is dramatically higher among the schools with the highest rates of children at the poverty level, where there is only one grade level book at home for every 300 kids. Third graders who do not read at grade level are 4x more likely to drop out of high school. Hispanic and African-American third graders who do not read at grade level are 13x more likely to drop out of high school.
To reduce high school dropout rates in the United States (currently at 25%), we need to improve 3rd-grade reading levels at the 10,000 elementary schools that feed the 1,700 “dropout factory” high schools that account for over half of the high school dropouts each year.

The Program


The United Way Club Connect Adopt-A-School program was specifically designed to accept the challenge of this goal, by providing the most desired resources to these elementary schools most in need:


1: More books

Each adopted school receives a Scholastic Reading Oasis with hundreds of books

2: A resource to promote reading to children 24/7/365

Each student receives an annual membership to United Way Club Connect, a 24/7/365 resource to keep kids engaged in reading.

3: Parent engagement

Each parent receives year-round incentives from our corporate partners, with messages that promote the importance of their child’s reading.