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Submit Your Nomination for NAESP's Outstanding Assistant Principals Award Program

Assistant principals in pre-K-8 schools around the country now have a national awards program to call their own, thanks to NAESP’s new Outstanding Assistant Principals Award Program. The program, made possible with the help of the Pearson Foundation, will promote educational excellence for pre-K-8 schooling and will call attention to the fundamental importance of the assistant principal.

Shop @ NAESP for your Student Council Lapel Pins and Certificates

The deadline to apply for the Student Council Excellence Award is March 21. You can also order Honor Council pins here.

Draft ESEA Legislation: "Student Success Act" and "Encouraging Innovation and Effective Teachers Act"

The Student Success Act would reauthorize and modify programs under Title I of ESEA. Included in this bill are the English Language Learner program (presently Title III of ESEA), Migrant Education, Neglected and Delinquent, Indian Education along with the traditional Title I, part A program, and ESEA’s general provisions section (presently Title IX of ESEA).

Assessing for Learning

Grades matter more than learning to too many people in our society, including teachers, parents, and students, opines the author of the Speaking Out article in the November/December issue of Principal. It’s understandable how we got to this point. Honor roll caliber students are rewarded for their grades by the community, earning free admission to amusement parks, free pizzas, and discounts on insurance.

Millions of Federal Education Funds in the Balance as Deadlines Near

Current funding for four federal programs, which already reflects FY11 levels, have been cut an additional 1.5 percent. Three of these programs affect elementary and middle-level education. As Congress faces several deadlines in the coming weeks, more cuts are likely. NAESP continues to fight hard against these cuts.

Avoid “Anniversary Effect;” Plan for Sept. 11

Students likely don't know the details or completely understand the significance of Sept. 11. Use these resources to address the 10th anniversary of the attacks. 

The Effects of Grade Retention

In the September/October  Speaking Out, the author declares his “detest” for grade retention, saying that some teachers are too quick to suggest retention for struggling students. The author says students who repeat a grade seldom persist to graduation. What interventions does your school have in place before retaining a student? Tell us what you think.

NAESP’s Principal Evaluation Project Gains National Attention

“One of the most common traits of a successful school is strong leadership,” writes Education Daily reporter Adam Dolge. His article, “NAESP Calls for Stronger Principal Evaluations,” reviews the results of a recently released report and describes the Principal Evaluation Initiative.

A Four-Pronged Approach to Increasing Support for Public Schools

“This is a most hopeful time for America’s public schools,” said keynoter Jamie Vollmer, who addressed principals during the Opening Session of NAESP’s National Leaders Conference.

Principals Report a Productive Day of Lobbying on Capitol Hill

Attendees of NAESP’s National Leaders Conference spent a productive day lobbying on Capitol Hill for our nation’s students, as evidenced by the stories that were shared during the Hill Visit Debrief.

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