Meeting the needs of diverse and changing student populations must be a priority for school  administrators and teacher leadership teams. This school year, our attendance zone changed after being the same for over 20 years! As a result, there are about 600 new students in our school who came from several schools in the district. Many of the new students were very disappointed to be forced to leave the schools they had previously attended. 
To better understand this issue and our new student population, our teacher leadership team planned a staff development day where every staff member—custodial, cafeteria, clerical, support staff, teacher assistants, faculty and school administrators—boarded three school busses and toured our new attendance zone. For all of us, it was a very beneficial experience that contributed to thoughtful dialogue on how we may have underestimated what our children are capable of doing. Perhaps staff expectations were lowered because of perceptions about socioeconomic class. We found out that most of our students live in nicely kept single-family dwellings that have been renovated following the devastation of a major hurricane. There are two trailer parks and one apartment complex that has been newly renovated. The activity was one of the best we have ever conducted on a staff development day.
What has your school done to get to find out more about students’ lives?
Jackie H. Daniilidis is principal of Estelle Elementary in Marrero, Louisiana. 

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re: Who Are Your Students?

At Woodland Elementary school we offer so many wonderful social events for families to attend. Recently our school hosted our school carival organized and put on by our PTA. Staff members participated and despite the rough spring weather in Minnesota we had a packed house the entire evening! Families visited until well after the 9PM end time!