The White House Office of Public Engagement wants educators to know that their voices make a difference in putting Americans back to work, including employing key education professionals who ensure that the nation’s students are adequately prepared to thrive in the 21st century global economy.  

John Carson, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Public Engagement, writes:

Make no mistake – the chorus of your collective voices made a profound impact on protecting programs and investments in our future we care about.


If you agree with President Obama’s vision – don’t stay silent. We know how hard you worked this summer, and we know how busy you’ll be this fall, but if you want to see Washington put politics aside, and pass the President’s jobs plan – then let us hear from you. Read the full post.

In his response to Obama’s plan for the economy, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan puts the jobs bill in context of the nation’s schools, writing that “the nation that out-educates America will out-compete America.” He further explains:

This is not a partisan issue. The physical conditions at some aging schools today are shameful. They are no place for children to learn.


The President’s plan is one of the largest-ever investments in school modernization. It would modernize approximately 35,000 schools, or about a third of all public schools in the United States. Read the full post.

Make your voice heard by contacting your representative through the Legislative Action Center, which is a tool for NAESP members to contact their representatives in Congress.

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Jobs Act

Wake up. This is not a job bill. The private sector creates jobs. Our federal government creates dependency upon continued taxation to support the "jobs" created under the first stimulus package that didn't work. You are suggesting that we borrow the money every year to keep teachers that were laid off in states that can not afford to pay their salaries. This is the definition of socialism. Fixing schools in need of repair is a states job, not the federal government.
Will the jobs fixing the schools continue every year or will the workers be laid off when the work is completed leading to another "jobs bill" next year? Don't forget we will need to borrow that money also. Please tell the president no thanks. I do not want to be associated by my organization with this federal policy and would hope my conservative like minded principals would speak out LOUDLY. Kill the Bill!

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