What are you willing to do in the name of school spirit . . . and the Super Bowl? The Northwest Indiana Times reports that the principal and assistant principal of Churchill Elementary School in Homewood, Indiana will paint their faces and sing the Chicago Bears’ fight song at the scheduled Super Bowl pep rally if 95 percent of the students turn in 100 percent of their homework within the next week.  Principal Cece Coffey says, "There's already so much excitement among our kids about the big game that we thought we'd try to channel some of that energy into their schoolwork." Stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend!

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re: Students Have Reason to 'Bear' Down

I am a principal in NE MO. NCLB has made us, educators, reevaluate our instructional process and how data can drive instruction. AND, I have no problem being accountable, because I believe each child needs to be educated to his/full abilty no matter of ethnicity and/or income. BUT, I have a 76% F/R lunch program and 35% non-English speakers, LEP. To make the ELL students accountable in three years on AYP is inappropriate. These children are still getting acclimated to a new culture. Many do not even know what a kleenex or ziploc bag, but in three years they are to score appropriately on the NAP. How unfair! Special Education in NCLB also needs to be reevaluated. Students labelled MR have to compete on AYP with Sp. ED. students with learning disablities. Accountability is welcomed. Let's get educators from different regions of the USA to discuss NCLB. Many legislators are not educators. I would not want plumber doing heart surgery on me. We need high qualified educators re-evaluating NCLB. Thank you.