In the midst of all the meetings and paperwork that principals have, there is not always enough time to conduct daily classroom observations. But principals in Charlotte, North Carolina, are finding that informal "Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Throughs" can be a welcome complement to formal teacher observations. While there was some initial skepticism to the technique that has principals dashing through the classroom in three-minute intervals, principals and teachers there agree that it is an effective way to help improve teacher quality and also sends a strong message that "academics are a top priority." Tell us what you think about using this technique or share other techniques that you use for informal classroom observations.

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re: A Sprint to the Finish

I believe that conducting walkthroughs enables the principal to see what is happening in the classroom day-to-day. Being a visible part of the classroom conveys a message to the teacher that you want to know what he/she is doing frequently. I do not have a current principal position; however, when I do find an administrative position, I will be using walkthroughs and communicating with the teachers frequently offering feedback and suggestions. I truly believe walkthroughs are an essential part of teacher evaluations.