Speaking Out on Pre-K Rigor

In the most recent speaking out column in Principal magazine, authors Christopher P. Brown and Brian Mowry discuss the contentious nature of implementing rigor at the pre-K level. "Balancing Preschool, Academic Rigor" explores whether or not preschool instruction can be both “academically rigorous” and “developmentally appropriate.”

Brown and Mowry argue that both teachings styles are not mutually exclusive, but in fact go hand in hand. They say that “combined, academically rigorous, developmentally appropriate learning environments are those in which teachers understand how to teach the knowledge and skills they expect all of their students to attain and demonstrate on a regular basis.”

Brown and Mowry also offer tips for how principals can help foster this kind of learning at the pre-K level. Setting appropriate expectations for what classrooms should look like, expecting preschool teachers to teach academic content, and speaking with teachers about instructional expectations are all keys to rigorous and successful learning.

What do you think about rigor in preschools? Are students too young, or is it a necessary part of giving a child a quality education? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.