Douglas Reeves’ suggestion that principals set 100-day goals for short-term wins was one of the most tweeted about topics of the 2012 NAESP National Conference and Expo. A few weeks later NAESP used the same medium to ask principals what small changes they’ve made at their school that has resulted in a big payoff.

Several of the respondents, whose answer appear in the May/June issue of Principal, highlighted staff recognition efforts:

Each month, an oversized puzzle piece is decorated by staff & given to an outstanding teacher symbolizing how we are each important & valued.
-@prettykitty923 (Via Twitter)

We use Smile Cards to play an adult ‘tag’ game of random acts of kindness.
It is contagious & fun for adults & sets the tone!
-@WOOF_MRPALMER (Via Twitter)

Do you have a 100-day goal success story that you’d like to share?


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