NAESP invites you to let everyone know that you’re PROUD TO BE A PRINCIPAL! From October 1—November 15, 2007, we encourage you to trumpet your successes and your role as a school leader. You play an important role in your community and the lives of the children you serve. Now is your time to shine! To get you started, below is a copy of the Principals’ Creed. So stand tall, say the Principals’ Creed aloud, and let everyone know how proud you are to be a principal.

Principals’ Creed  We are dedicated to ensuring that every child in Americareceives a quality education.
We care about our country by caring deeply about its children.
We believe that no barrier should separate a child
from the best education a school can offer...
that neither race nor sex nor ethnic heritage nor geography nor social or economic statusmay be used to deny a child the opportunity to acquirea solid foundation in reading, writing, and critical thinking...and in the values of friendship, compassion, honesty, and self-esteem,We accept the challenge of the research showing thatquality education in every school depends on the expertise, dedication, and leadership of the principal of that school.