What makes a principal effective?

Any principal knows that being an effective school leader is a complex, multifaceted job. According to The Wallace Foundation, there are five practices great principals do really well. They:

  • Shape a vision of academic success for all students;
  • Create a climate hospitable to education;
  • Cultivate leadership in others;
  • Improve instruction, and
  • Manage people, data, and processes to foster school improvement.

In a new series of videos by Wallace, principals from around the country discuss how these five principles play out in practice.

For instance, in a segment on cultivating leadership in others, principal Marie Jackson says she’s become much more intentional with recognizing her teacher leaders.

“Recently, I was in a conference with a teacher and I said that: that she could help others learn from her, that she was a leader. And she started to cry,” says Jackson. “She told me she just didn’t see herself as a leader and didn’t realize that other people at the school saw her as a leader as well.”

In the videos, other principals share stories on creating leadership teams, giving students a voice, navigating new data plans, and getting school communities on board with a vision.

Visit the Great School Leadership in Action page to view all the videos. 

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She told me she just didn’t see herself as a leader and didn’t realize that other people at the school saw her as a leader as well Togel

Good announcement

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