In October, the Principals' Office wrote about a campaign to encourage more principals to blog.  Scott McLeod, from the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education, launched the project “100 principal blogs in 100 days” to increase the number of principals in the blogosphere. Although McLeod hasn’t reached the 100-day goal yet, 54 principals have asked him to set up blogs. One of the participants reported that updating a blog was easier than updating the school’s Web site and very similar to writing an e-mail message.  (Believe it or not, it really is that simple.) Before McLeod started the project, which ends January 31, he found only 12 principals among 125,000 U.S. schools who were using blogs to post information, calendars, pictures and their own personal observations online. McLeod believes more principals will sign on once they see the value of blogging.

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re: Principal's Blog Campaign Winds Down

I signed up for Scott's blog...but I use my blogger blog for my weekly

re: Principal's Blog Campaign Winds Down

Thanks for the plug. Actually, the project hasn't wound down. We continue to add principals and create new blogs every day. We're just past our 100-day mark... =)

So if any principal wants a blog: