Beyond the Data: How to Have Data Conferences with Teachers
Betsy Moore
Saturday, April 9, 4:15-5:30 p.m., Convention Center, 1st Floor, Room 13

Time after time, research has shown that leadership has a direct link to the success of the organization. In principal-teacher data conferences, principals take steps toward becoming the true instructional leaders in their buildings. Principal-teacher data conferences are meetings in which the principal leads a systemic process for analyzing data and making instructional decisions based on the data. These conferences are intentional and purposeful, with specific outcomes planned out ahead of time. They serve to integrate the instructional leadership role of school administrators into the school and classroom setting.

Why do I need to know about them?

With all of the data inundating both teachers and administrators today, we are often left to wade through all of the data, both qualitative and quantitative without any clear plan or purpose. “Beyond the Data: How to Have Data Conferences with Teachers”will provide specific ways to have intentional conversations with the teachers in your school about the data and what needs to happen instructionally. This will create a partnership between the teacher and the principal as both work toward increased student achievement. Principals will explore ways to ask questions related to the data to lead to relevant instructional implications. How to manage the conferences within a busy timeline will also be discussed. The strategies learned will help develop a cohesive practical way for teachers and principals to have conversations about students and learning.

You’ll leave this session knowing:

  • Strategies to use to analyze the data prior to the teacher conferences;
  • Questions to ask to encourage teachers to reflect on current instructional strategies;
  • Ways to manage the record keeping that will stem from the data conferences; and.
  • How to provide data to everyone in a succinct and efficient way.

—Betsy Moore

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