President-elect Barack Obama has tapped Chicago Public Schools executive Arne Duncan as the next U.S. education secretary. For the past seven years, Duncan has served as superintendent of the nation’s third largest school system. Before that, he was the deputy chief of staff for the Chicago public school system.
Duncan’s stances on education transformation suggest that at the federal policy level America’s schools are in for much-needed change over the coming months and years. How do you feel about having a former superintendent as the next head of the U.S. Department of Education? What are your hopes for this next era in education?

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re: Obama Nominates Next U.S. Education Secretary

I am quite disappointed in this selection. It will be more of the same in education. For a candidate who ran on the promise of "change," Duncan is not the educational agent for change. He will bring the same high stakes testing game that we currently have. I was hoping for someone more in tune with the needs of 21st century learners. I thought Obama was the tech guy? This pick is not proving that.

re: Obama Nominates Next U.S. Education Secretary

I recently wrote about Mr. Duncan on my blog. To say the least, I have a few questions and concerns. Check out my post.