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900 Districts Interested in Race to the Top Competition

Close to 900 school districts, or a consortium of smaller districts, have indicated their intent to apply for a Race to the Top- District competition.

Legal Immigration Status Now Possible for Some Students

New immigration policies allows undocumented immigrants who meet certain criteria, such as having entered the U.S. as a child, to be eligible for temporary relief from the threat of deportation.

Nevada Becomes Latest State Granted Flexibility Waiver

Nevada is awarded a one-year conditional flexibility waiver from the U.S. Department of Education.

Districts Can Now Apply for Race to the Top Competition

Application details and material are now available for the Race to the Top District competition. Applicants must inform ED on their intent to apply by August 30, 2012.

Teacher Retention Report Misses the Point

NAESP and NASSP leaders call for an end to the "blame game."   

Congress Brokers Six Month Budget Deal

Despite deal, sequestration still looms.

Are You a Connected Educator?

Celebrate Connected Educator Month with webinars, contests, and more.

NCLB Waivers Now Granted for Majority of States

Seven more states receive waivers from the Dept. of Education, bringing the total to 33.

Senate Hearing to Examine Cuts and Education

Hearing today will explore sequestration's impact on Title I, Title II, and IDEA funding.

Dept. of Ed: No Across-the-Board Cuts to Education for 2012-2013

Dept. states that sequestration "should not upset planning and hiring decisions."

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