Last week, the House of Representatives passed a Fiscal Year 2013 budget resolution, outlining the priorities of the Republican leadership for the coming year.

Normally, the budget resolution, which is not signed into law, establishes the rules to enact tax and spending decisions and sets the top-line spending total for annual appropriations.

It is important to understand what the budget resolution and Republican leadership priorities mean for your home state, as these budget decisions impact the work done in every school in the country.

The White House released a report on the state-by-state impact the House budget resolution would have on a variety of programs, including IDEA funding, Head Start eligibility, and college affordability.

The Senate is not expected to vote on a budget resolution this year, as last summer’s Budget Control Act established the top-line spending caps for the next 10 years. What's likely to happen? The House and Senate will likely construct annual appropriations bills with far different funding allocations. Compromises between the two legislative chambers is doubtful in the current highly partisan environment.


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