In the latest issue of Principal, we asked you about how schools use mottos, creeds, or pledges, and how they are reinforced. Here’s how some of you answered.

At Waunakee, WI Community Schools - the mission is: "Committed to Children, Committed to Community, Committed to Excellence!" The elementary and intermediate schools have had extensive experience in character education and they have a saying that is posted in the gym (a bit more lengthy and age appropriate) that the students recite weekly during their gathering.

—Shelley Joan Weiss, via linkedin

At North Rockland High School our motto is "MAKE IT HAPPEN!' Every student hears this message and it resonates with his/her individual goals and aspirations.

—Reina Martinez, via linkedin

Together We Make a Difference has served as the inspirational motto of the Wantagh Elementary School. Leadership is about maximizing learning opportunities and building desire by creating an environment that is capable of supporting the fulfillment of that desire … The key concept is to empower teachers, parents and students to long for opportunities to learn and grow and to see that growth as relevant… and together, making a difference.

—Don Sternberg, principal, Wantagh Elementary School, Wantagh, New York

Our mantra is shouted loud and proud. “Covington Huskies...Succeed Every Day!”

Miles Erdly, via linkedin


What is your school's motto, and how does your school live up to it?

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Jasper County Junior High

We (You) Can Make a Difference & Working Together -Pursuing Excellence!

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