My Two Cents: Digital Safety

In the latest installment of My Two Cents, Principal magazine asked principals how they can help parents understand digital safety issues. This is how some of you responded:

We need to exchange basic digital literacy competencies with parents. We’re all models of learning, digital and otherwise. We must model the literacies we expect in our students.
—Sandra Trach, @SandraTrach

Present to parents at PTO/PTA meetings about digital citizenship.
—Sandra Paul, @spaul6414

Provide info nights and “social media tastings” for parents led by students and teachers. [It’s a] great way to build capacity with families.
—Joe Mazza, @Joe_Mazza

Hold a digital citizenship day for kids, with a parent session afterwards.
—Katie Ritter, @Katie_M_Ritter

For more digital citizenship strategies, review our #digisafety wrap-ups on Storify:

How do you help parents understand digital safety issues? Leave your comments below.

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