The author of the Speaking Out article in the January/February issue of Principal feels conflicted about high-stakes testing because although NCLB requires it and principals are expected to use the resulting data to inform their decision-making, the process adds undue stress to students and the data from a single achievement test are not representative of a student’s abilities. “While we know these assessments are increasing anxiety and stress,” the author writes, “states continue to promote the test as unavoidable, and administrators capit­ulate by pressing teachers to prepare their students and by encouraging test performance as early as elementary school.”

What’s your take on the issue? How have high-stakes tests affected your students’ stress levels? Have the tests accurately represented their learning?  

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standardized testing

I think it's helpful for the teacher for the next grade to see where the kid needs help at for the next grade but if a child does good during the school year this shouldn't stand in the way. I don't think they should be retained for this if their grades are good all year and then this test comes and BAMM!Your in the same grade next year. That's wrong

High stakes testing

Interesting that the blogger says that we have to have a test "to measure our schools" when our schools are supposed to measure our children!!!!! If we are comparing our schools then don't tell my child he "fails" and tell him to retake it to make the school look better! Just have them take it and move on!!!

We have to have standardized

We have to have standardized testing. It helps to give our schools an idea of how they stand up to other schools.

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