During the past few months, the Principals’ Office has featured the Middle-Level Blog Series, which addressed topics like bullying and technology from the particular view of the middle-level administrator. Mark Terry’s posting below will conclude the first installment of the Middle-Level Blog Series. But continue to check out the Principals’ Office blog for other series, like the one upcoming on Diverse Learning Communities, and for a continuation of the Middle-Level Blog Series this spring. 
Reversing Teacher Turnover
It is fast approaching the time of year when I dread having a teacher visit my office and ask to “speak with me for a moment.” Those words are often the precursor to a discussion about the teacher leaving our school. It can be one of your best teachers or one with whom you have been working to gracefully “exit” from the profession. But it is the loss of elite teachers, the master teachers, that causes me tremendous heartburn. It could be that they are leaving for a higher-paying position, they could be retiring, or they could be leaving the field. But, I work diligently to make sure they are not leaving because of a feeling of being underappreciated. This is especially important in a middle-level school, with its special challenges.
What ideas do you have to retain your best and brightest teachers?
Mark Terry is principal of Eubanks Intermediate School in Southlake, Texas, and is the Middle-Level Foundation Member on NAESP’s Board of Directors.