Have you ever wondered what goes on during the PALS training? Participants Jan Conway, Joyce Dunn, Kathy Woodley, and Dwayne Young reflect on the second day of the PALS training taking place now at the NAESP headquarters. On day two, one of the training exercises focused on the results of a strength-finder assessment. 

Dwayne: Today we spent the majority of our time learning about our strengths, using a strength- finder tool, and understanding how important it is for us to use them to our greatest personal and professional benefit. By focusing on strengths, we create an opportunity to maximize our talents, knowledge, and skills to create the positive change we envision. Rather than fixing or repairing the things we don’t do well, we instead pursue our greatest opportunity for growth—our strengths—and in so doing, we strive to reach consistent performance.

The best part of today was seeing how affirmed the group felt by describing their strengths and the discussion of how we can become more conscious about making our strengths work for us.

Jan and Joyce: The strengths-finder profile and group activity helped to make clear what each characteristic really represents. It became clear that no one combination of strengths was better than another. Surprisingly, the group has a diversity of strengths and experiences.

Kathy: We were reminded of the need to practice what we do well by using our talents and building on strengths. By understanding and celebrating our own strengths, we begin to practice using this knowledge in meaningful ways with our protégés.

The discussion and sharing with colleagues continues to be a highlight of this experience. The leaders of the training are outstanding presenters who share their experiences as mentors with the group and guide us in our understanding of the ways to use our talents and experiences in the mentoring process.

Check back next week for the final installment of the PALS blog series.