Kid President, the online phenomenon whose clever, funny videos are produced by media company SoulPancake, has a new message, and it's all about education.

If you've seen Kid President's other videos, you know he's not afraid to tackle tough subjects, from political parties to staying positive in the face of adversity. Now, in a partnership with the National Opportunity to Learn Campaign, he's taking on the opportunity gap.

"Grown-ups, we need your help," he says. "Not all kids have the same opportunities to learn."

The video, starring Kid President and two of his colleagues, aims to rally support for the National Opportunity to Learn Campaign, a five-year, multi-million dollar effort to expand all students' accces to excellent education.

Watch the video below. For more on the opportunity gap, learn about the campaign here, or peruse the May/June issue of Principal, all about the achievement gap.


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