While in Manila at the East Asia Regional Conference of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) Administrators' Conference, I had the opportunity to visit Brent International School. Meeting the school’s principal and hearing him talk about his school is one thing, but seeing students in action takes it to another level.
What is evident at Brent International is that the 1,200 pre-K-12 students take their academics very seriously. Since most of the students are Americans living abroad, they study from an American curriculum and although their math and reading assessments are in English, they are designed specifically for students with diverse cultural backgrounds. Seeing students actively engaged in their classrooms brought memories of my students. The smiles and hugs shared was a powerful message to me—love is the same in any language.
But now it’s now time to pack up to return home. We had an incredible experience learning from our colleagues who live abroad educating American and indigenous children. The U.S. State Department provides a service for American children that we don’t always realize. Connie Buford, my host from the Department of State, oversees the schools in East Asia on behalf of the department. She did an amazing job of connecting me with schools and principals. I cannot thank her enough for her support and the Department of State for allowing me to have this experience.  
I am homeward bound – bye for now!
Diane Cargile, NAESP President