Daily Conference Highlights - Saturday

The conference is winding down in Nashville, but keep learning online with these latest highlights.

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Blog Posts

Photo of the Day

Combating is bullying is Peter Yarrow's current passion. As president and cofounder of Operation Respect, the former Peter, Paul, and Mary star continues his lifelong pursuit of peace by bringing an anti-bullying campaign to schools. 

In his presentation Saturday at the 2014 NAESP Annual Conference, Yarrow challenged principals to focus on encouraging love in schools. He also invited principals to sing with him (pictured at left).

"Love is far more important than high-stakes testing will ever be to the future of our great country," he said.

Photo and description by Catherine Prentis, retired principal from Franklin, Tennessee.

The Wrap: Session Summaries

Tweet Like a Pirate

Best-selling author Dave Burgess dropped in (virtually) to the Social Media Lounge for part two of NAESP's summer principal book study on Teach Like a PIRATE. Read the highlights in this Storify wrap-up.

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