How do you ensure a culturally diverse environment that is accepting, supporting, and nurturing to all children?
We try to meet the needs of all of our students and their families in a caring way by:

  • Making sure that children have clothes to wear, providing jackets for students who need them (we give out uniforms or sell them at a discounted rate). We also provide backpacks and school supplies to all who need them.
  • Providing students with breakfast and lunch, giving them food bags through our weekend hunger program if they do not have food on the weekends.
  • Providing after-school tutoring for some students and ensuring that others participate in the Boys and Girls Club down the street.
  • Distributing all announcements and newsletters to parents in Spanish and English.
  • We have a family resource support person on campus once a week to work with parents as needed. We have at least two parent meetings each month during the school day and have anywhere from six to 10 Saturday or after-school activities for parents and students (Literacy Night, Problem Solving Saturday, Mathopoly, Science Fair). At these activities we provide food, drinks, materials, and information.
  • We try to choose multicultural materials to give out along with the books we give away. We give away lots of books every year; at least three per child and in the early grades one per child each week.

Brenda Reeh is a behavior specialist at Quannah McCall Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada