The Principals’ Office asked educators: How do you ensure a culturally diverse environment that is accepting, supporting, and nurturing to all children? Here is how one principal responded:
At Amerman Elementary School, I try to ensure a culturally diverse environment by exposing all students to many cultures. For example, we’ve started a school in Afghanistan, our Sharing the Dream grant will be with a Latino school, and I’ve sent three of my teachers to Japan with Fulbright scholarships.
An inherent part of our third-grade social studies curriculum is the study of our home town, a town in France, and a town in Japan. To expand upon the anthropological comparison, we use the Family of Man series to compare physical possessions and each class writes a book about a comparative topic. I enjoyed the class on pizzas from around the world, especially when the parents cooked the recipes for a taste test.
What steps have you taken to foster a nurturing and culturally diverse environment at your school?
Steve Anderson is principal at Amerman Elementary School in Northville, Michigan