As a principal, you devote hours a day to solving problems—retooling schedules, energizing your teaching team, keeping your hallways bully-free. Usually, you’re the one with all the answers—but where do you turn when you’re the one with the questions?

The Principals’ Help Line is the place to start. This confidential, members-only advice portal allows principals to receive, via e-mail, ideas and advice from veteran members of NAESP’s National Principal Mentor Program.

A.D.* is one principal who looked to the Help Line for guidance. As a new administrator, he was looking for tips to strengthen his communication with staff and parents.

Hours after he submitted his Help Line query, seasoned school leader J.L. responded with a menu of strategies she used in her school, including crafting a weekly staff calendar, collaborating with her PTA and meeting with team leaders.

“Each grade level and team selects a team leader for the school year. I meet with them every other Wednesday morning,” wrote J.L. “Team leaders are responsible for getting feedback from their teammates and sharing that information during our meetings.”

She also recommended several books and a specialized education planner.

Experienced mentors like J.L. are ready for your questions on the Help Line, and now, NAESP has revamped the site, making it easier than ever to submit and track your questions.

Submitting an issue is easy—just navigate to the Help Line page and make sure you are logged in. Your submitted questions, on any topic from school climate to curriculum to cell phone policies, are completely confidential and within 48 hours, you’ll receive an e-mail response from an NAESP mentor.

Log on today and start receiving the answers you need to be a better school leader.



*Names of submitter and responder withheld. All questions and answers on the Principals’ Help Line are confidential. The above question was used here by permission.

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