After the launch of the National Board Certification for Principals program, I traveled to Washington state where I had the opportunity to meet with administrators from the Clover Park School District in Lakewood. The city is still riveting from the recent loss of four of its police officers who served as liaisons in the schools, and school reader boards carry messages of support for the families and police.
In discussing the principal certification launch I recently attended, I asked administrators about their involvement with teacher certification as well as their views on the national certification for principals. Robin Walter, the assistant superintendent for elementary schools, welcomed the certification for principals and envisioned it as having the type of impact on schools and student achievement as the teacher certification program. Certified teachers here are making a difference in Title 1 schools as well as the ELL population. The national certification of principals will be another positive step in closing the achievement gap. As the work continues with the national certification for principals, the successes of the national certification of teachers should be noted and emulated.
Out of approximately 900 teachers in Clover Park, over 100 are National Certified Teachers. In Washington, teachers are given an incentive of $5,000 for receiving their certification and an additional $5,000 if they teach in a schoolwide Title 1 school.  In essence, they would receive $10,000 above their counterpart with the same education and experience. Wow, that’s an incentive!
Diane Cargile, NAESP President