Advocacy on the Federal Budget

On behalf of the nation’s Pre-K-8 principals, NAESP advocates for increased federal investments in education to support programs that benefit schools. While the U.S. Department of Education’s budget comprises only 2% of all federal expenditures, federal education funds have a significant impact on the ability of schools to meet the learning needs of students. NAESP's advocacy leads to increasing funding for comprehensive recruitment, training and professional development for principals as part of the federal budget.

FY 2016 Budget Overview

Overview of Education Appropriations

Funding priorities for FY 2016 include:

  • Restore all educational funding to pre-sequester levels
  • Prioritizing Title I formula grants (targeted and schoolwide)
  • Hold Congress to its original commitment to fund at least 40% of the extra costs to education special needs students through IDEA
  • Funding streams for high-quality early childhood education programs
  • Set aside funds for the recruitment, training and development of effective principals

News and current information will be posted to the Principal’s Office blog.  Keep an eye on the Legislative Action Center for ways you can get involved by sending messages to your members of Congress.