“21st Century Principal: Making the Most of iPads, Apps, and Goals While Conducting Classroom Observations”
Presenter: Brett Geithman

“Challenges and Opportunities:  Why Poverty Matters and What Schools Must Do”
Presenter: Tammy Pawloski

“CPR: Providing a Lifeline for Principals through 21st Century Communication and Public Relations”
Presenter: Dan Butler

“Culture Shift: Personalize Learning for Every Learner”
Presenter:  Kathleen McClaskey

“Data + Systems = Success for All Learners: Creating a Culture of Excellence!”
Presenter:  Cristi Parsons

“Designing and Evaluating Effective Professional Development Activities: A Path Towards Improving Student Achievement Results”
Presenter:  Peter Bonaccorsi

“Establishing STEM Certification”
Presenter:  Carole Cameron Inge

“Facilitating Leadership to Improve Student Achievement”
Presenter: Steven Schiola

“Flipping Professional Learning to Impact Student Achievement”
Presenter:  Joseph Kramer

“I Didn’t Pick These People! How to Work with Challenging Staff Members”
Presenter: Diane Watkins

“Implementing Creative Models of Professional Learning Within The School Day”
Presenter: Sandra Trach

“Improve School Climate with Early Childhood Practices and Arts-Infused Staff Meetings”
Presenter: Megan Hallissey

“Informational Texts and Where to Find Them:  Online CCSS Resources”
Presenter: Deborah Ford

“Instructional Planning:  Making it Easier and More Collaborative”
Presenter: Mary Martin

“Leveraging the Power of Teacher Rounds”
Presenter: Katherine Boles

“Living Outside the Box: Developing Solutions for Closing the Mathematics Achievement Gap”
Presenter: Dana McCauley

“Mastering Courageous Conversations: Tools to Provide Strategies to Enhance Instructional Performance”
Presenter: Maria Dempsey

“Middle Level Conversations  (NAESP/NASSP)”
Presenters: Matt Saferite and Maribel Childress

“NAESP Presentation Teacher Driven Observation to Improve Professional Development and Student Achievement”
Presenter: David Doty

“No Child Should Grieve Alone: When Death Impacts Your School”
Presenter: Emilio Parga

“Operation C.H.A.M.P.S.”
Presenter: Debbie Fink

“Performance in Poverty--How to Succeed Amid High Levels of Poverty”
Presenter: Brian Bond

“Personalizing Critical Literacy Instruction in a Blended Learning Model”
Presenter: Eileen Murphy

“Prevention and Early Intervention--FAST Screening and FAST Progress Monitoring of Reading and Mathematics”
Presenter: Lisa Langell

“Purposeful Principles for Principals—Cultivating Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Agility to Sustain Positive Impact”
Presenter: Julie Hasson

“Putting the Leadership Back In Instructional Leadership”
Presenter: Linda Carrier

“Questionable Assumptions about Principal Leadership: Facts, Fiction, and Nonsense”
Presenter: Michael Chirichello

“Raising Student Achievement Through Evidence-based Learning”
Presenter: Jacqulyne Hardiesty

“Reframing Professional Evaluation:  Why Are We Doing This?”
Presenter: Joanne Picone-Zocchia

“Rethinking Parent Community Engagement: While Student Learning is Our Target, Sustainability Starts with Nurturing Relationships.”
Presenter: Bruce Davis

“Rigorous Schools and Classrooms: Leading the Way”
Presenter: Barbara Blackburn

“School Improvement from the Inside Out: A Framework for Success”
Presenter: Donna Snyder

“Social Media: All the Eggs in One Basket”
Presenter: Frank Buck

“Student Growth In Teacher/Principal Evaluation In Washington State”
Presenter: Cathy Benedetti

“Student Voices in Teacher Evaluations”
Presenter: Brenda Burr

“The Digital Principal”
Presenter: Don Jacobs

“The Principal as Coach and Evaluator: Developing New Understandings about Performance Appraisals”
Presenter: Michael Chirichello

“The TIME Collaborative: Making Every Minute Count By Maximizing Academic Learning Time”
Presenter: Laura Middleton

“Unleashing the Power of Excellent Schools”
Presenter: Renee Jackson

“Unpacking Assessment Literacy: Intentionally Assessing Learning in Your School”
Presenter: Lindsey Agnamba

“UPSTART:  A Technology-Delivered, Home-Based Kindergarten Preparedness Program”
Presenter: Claudia Miner

“Using a "Diamond" Response to Intervention Model to Maximize Learning Growth for All Students”
Presenter: Don Bavis

“Using Teacher Driven Observation to Improve Professional Development and Student Achievement”
Presenter: David Doty